Nitisha Patel

Food Consultancy

Innovative Food Solutions,  New Product Development & Project Management

Award-Winning Chef & Food Consultant

Nitisha Patel Food Consultancy was founded in 2017 and has since gone on to be recognised as a leading, nationwide, independent consultancy in hospitality, food manufacturing and product development.

Through independent advice and expertise, Nitisha Patel Food Consultancy has consulted businesses around the UK in order to develop new recipes, retail products, and menus.

With over 12 years’ experience in the food industry, Nitisha draws on her wealth of experience in order to deliver a thorough, professional and innovative service from conceptualization, project management to product launch.

Over 12 Years of Expertise

Nitisha Patel is an award-winning chef and food consultant from the West Midlands who has dedicated her life to exploring food and flavour.

She has numerous achievements under her belt including first cookbook – My Modern Indian Kitchen, second cook book, The Delicious Book Of Dhal, being recognised as the Black Country’s Master of Food, being awarded as the Midlands’ Rising Star in food, drink & hospitality 2017, and developing convenience meals for some of the UK’s largest supermarket brands.

Nitisha, now the company director of Nitisha Patel Foods Ltd, runs and manages her own food consultancy business and works with clients on a daily basis to innovate and develop first to market creations across a variety of categories from ready meals, recipe meal boxes to even restaurant menus.

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